How To Feng Shui Your Home… Room By Room


Feng shui is a 3000 year old discipline that suggests ways to arrange various spaces so that the people living inside those spaces will prosper -- both healthwise and financially. The great thing about feng shui is that it really works! How? It teaches you how to arrange everything in your home in such a way as to have a lovely energy flow that is positive rather than negative. The effects of that are priceless. I've been using the principles of feng shui for years in my own home, and … [Read more...]

GE, GE Profile & Kenmore Microwave Oven Recall

I've been writing a lot about microwaves, stoves, and other kitchen appliances lately. So I thought I'd give you a heads-up that some of the most popular microwave ovens have been recalled... 92,000 of 'em! Yesterday's recall involves microwave combo wall ovens sold under the brand names: GE GE Profile Kenmore The units affected by the recall were sold from January 2000 to December 2003. The concern is a possible fire hazard. There are reports that about 3 dozen of these microwave ovens … [Read more...]

Tips When Shopping For A Dishwasher (Psst… Kenmore Rocks!)

My new favorite magazine is Shop Smart. It's a fairly new publication created by the ad-free, bias-free people at Consumer Reports. I've seen a few Shop Smart reps on the national morning news shows lately. They're usually running through "the best buys for gadget geeks" or "best green cleaning products" or something like that. I always find myself taking notes. I like that they've done a lot of testing in order to reach their conclusions. So here's what they said about dishwashers in their … [Read more...]

French Door Refrigerators vs Side-By-Side Refrigerators

lg, maytag, then ge profile side-by-side fridge

Who knew that refrigerators would be such a hot topic on this site?! Not me. Much like toilets (here, here and here)... you learn as you go. And I'm simply sharing what I've learned here on this site -- so maybe others can benefit from this information. One thing's for sure (if you haven't already figured this out)... any time I spend a good deal of time researching something that's house-related, I almost always share that info here on this website. I figure, if it took a lot of my time to … [Read more...]

Should We Get A Freezerless Refrigerator AND A Standalone Freezer Instead Of A Side-By-Side?

It recently dawned on me: Go freezerless! And if it weren't for the in-the-door ice & water dispenser (that we use several times a day currently), we'd probably do just that: Go with a freezerless refrigerator in the kitchen of our new log home. Because... we've been toying with the idea of including a full-size freezer in the nearby pantry anyway. The reason? We buy a lot of bulk meats, vegetables & processed foods (pizzas & tv dinners). And the pantry is just a skip away, … [Read more...]

Washers And Dryers And Refrigerators… Oh My!

I went appliance shopping the other day. ...And I took 15 pages of notes! Yep, I spent close to 3 hours at the local Home Depot and Lowe's stores trying to get some basic ideas for our kitchen and laundry appliances. I don't know where we'll eventually buy our appliances from, but I simply wanted to get some general information about the products available on the market today. As I inspected, opened, closed, turned, sized, and photographed practically every appliance that the Home Depot had … [Read more...]