Tennessee Lake Property For Sale

We've decided to put our property on Dale Hollow Lake up for sale. Why? Because we'd like to buy an RV. And since things are moving along so nicely toward building our log home here in Williamson County Tennessee, holding onto the Dale Hollow Lake property would purely be a luxury at this point. We view this lake property as a place that we would eventually (a long time from now) like to build a "vacation home" -- our log cabin on the lake -- but we'd rather do some serious RVing before … [Read more...]

Enjoying The View At Our Dale Hollow Lake Property

In our neverending search for a place to call home, Jim and I drove out to our property on Dale Hollow Lake this weekend to reflect on our year-long journey toward building our dream home... a log home. We took our dog, Tenor. And we just sat there for a few hours on our land, weighing all of our options (again) as far as the lake property goes, and wondering about our likelihood of finding someone (a general contractor) to build our log home for us. … [Read more...]

Where We Are Now In The Log Home Building Process…

After coming to grips with the fact that we can't build this log home for $150 or even $155 a square foot at Swan Ridge Lake Resort (Dale Hollow Lake in the Celina/Cookeville, TN area) at this time, Jim and I have decided that we're not giving up. We are simply considering this Round One. … [Read more...]

Snowy Dale Hollow Lake Property

When we bought our property on Dale Hollow Lake, we wondered just how much snow would fall in that area during the winter months. Dale Hollow Lake is a couple hours north of Nashville, and a tad east (it's fairly close to "the plateau"). So yesterday morning, we hopped in the car to check out the freshly fallen snow on our property. … [Read more...]

It’s Official… We’re Building At Swan Ridge Lake Resort on Dale Hollow Lake!

Today's the day... 7 months after we began our search for a place to call home... and 4 months after we placed a deposit on this piece of land... we finally have a large plot of grass, dirt and rock to call our own. (And knowing me, I'll be photographing it regularly, documenting every little thing about it and proclaiming why it's the sweetest spot on Earth -- so consider this fair warning.) Yep, we plan to build our log home on 1.62 acres at a new lakefront development in Northern/Middle … [Read more...]

Which Lake Should We Build Our House On?

After talking to Bruce & Beth, we are now extremely excited by all the new possibilities available to us. We had never even thought of living on a lake before! Here are some of the lakes around here that we feel are worth exploring... … [Read more...]