If We Could Build Our Log Home Over Again… Some Things We Would Do Differently

It was quite a journey and learning process to having our log home become a reality. Now that we are living our log home dream, I have had time to reflect on what we would have done differently. Make no mistake, we love our log home and believe we did more things right than wrong.  But you can always fine tune something – whether it was with the design, something we should’ve added, extra costs that we incurred or something we should’ve splurged on in … [Read more...]

Looking For Green Log Home Products & Building Supplies?

Finalists for the "Green Log Awards" were recently announced. The GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle Awards were created in response to the growing demand for green building solutions. The goal of the awards is to locate and shine a spotlight on those companies and individuals who are enabling healthier homes and lifestyles. -- GREEN LOG Home & Lifestyle AwardsWhat this means for people like you and me is... a great list of environmentally-friendly log home products and suppliers!So, … [Read more...]

Which Is Best?… A Basement Garage, A Separate Attached Garage, Or A Detached Garage?

We have always known that we wanted to have an attached garage -- ideally, a basement garage -- in our new log home. This wasn't going to be a problem when we were planning to build on a nicely sloped lot on Dale Hollow Lake. However, when we changed our mind and decided to build in Williamson County instead, the land wasn't nearly as curvacious. For awhile, it wasn't clear as to whether we were going to be able to have a basement garage or not. But as it turns out, we can. In fact, we just … [Read more...]

Pre-Cast Basement Walls & Foundation From Superior Walls

We are considering using structural insulated panels (SIPs) from Superior Walls in the basement of our log home. Superior Walls are a pre-cast (not pre-fab, they say) concrete foundation and insulated wall system. We like this product mostly for the following reasons: #1 Energy-efficiency #2 Less time required to do the job #3 They can handle all details of your excavation from start to finish, or simply install the foundation & walls -- whichever you prefer The reasons stated in their … [Read more...]

What Do You Think About Geothermal Energy & Prefab Basement Walls?

Got an interesting email from Joe this weekend... Just beginning to layout plans for possible log home in TN. Have you considered Geothermal. Everything I read sounds good and I'm thinking that I have to dig out the basement so why not look at this option placed in surrounding opening. Electricity may be cheap in TN but not here in FL. Also looking at prefabbed basement as in this OLD House. Meeting with TN log home and Honest Abe next week." -- Joe This topic might be of interest to others, … [Read more...]