New Home Design & Must-Have “Necessities”… If Money Were No Object


If money were no object, which posh amenities would be on your wish list? These are some of the things that Jim and I have always talked about including in our dream home. They would definitely be on our list: Radiant heat flooring - Jim scoffs at the idea and says, "Who needs it? It's too expensive." (In the winter, he'll thank me for it!) Dog-friendly bath space - I've always longed for a dog tub & shower system for large dogs. Ideally, it would have low steps or a ramp for the … [Read more...]

Awesome Collection Of Rustic Drawer Pulls & Door Knobs For Log Homes, Cabins & Lodges

Rustic drawer pulls and door handles are one very cool way to accessorize all the rooms in your home that have cabinets and drawers. And if you own a log home, then chances the more rustic drawer pulls will look better than some of the more modern ones. The type of drawer pulls you choose for the different rooms in your home says a lot about your style and personality. Rustic drawer pulls, give a room a very unique feel and charm. And if you've decorated a room according to a theme, then drawer … [Read more...]

Copper Sinks: Beautiful Home Accents That Can Kill Germs!

Copper sinks are beautiful, practical, and ancient. Their metallic roots date back thousands of years. In terms of home fixtures, copper sinks make a fantastic accent to the bathroom, kitchen, or washroom of any type of home -- including log homes. Copper is perfect for a wet setting because water will not cause copper to corrode or rust (as is the case with certain other metals commonly found in and around wet areas of a home). … [Read more...]

How To Feng Shui Your Home… Room By Room


Feng shui is a 3000 year old discipline that suggests ways to arrange various spaces so that the people living inside those spaces will prosper -- both healthwise and financially. The great thing about feng shui is that it really works! How? It teaches you how to arrange everything in your home in such a way as to have a lovely energy flow that is positive rather than negative. The effects of that are priceless. I've been using the principles of feng shui for years in my own home, and … [Read more...]

Travertine Tile: The Pros & Cons Of Travertine Flooring, Countertops, And Backsplashes


Travertine is a type of limestone. It is also called calcium carbonate.Travertine is created when minerals have dissolved in the ground water and then get moved by natural springs and rivers above ground. It is taken from quarries in large blocks and then cut down into smaller blocks.It has been used for thousands of years in Italy and Turkey, and today Travertine used all over the world for flooring, countertops, backsplashes, and other surfaces where tile is preferred.  photo … [Read more...]

How To Clean & Care For A Copper Sink

Copper has been around since... well the Copper Ages.  Around 4,000 BC, during the Eneolithic period, man first began making metal tools. Since those early times, uses for copper has continued to grow. In the realm of household plumbing, copper pipe is highly desirable. For one, it doesn't react to water. Also, rust and corrosion are not an issue. At room temperatures, exposure to oxygen creates a very slow chemical reaction leaving a brown/black deposit of copper oxide over the surface. … [Read more...]

Bathroom Door Dilemmas… Pocket Doors To The Rescue!


The number and placement of bathroom doors is one thing that many people tend to overlook -- until it's too late. Of course, it's also important to consider the actual style of doors used in a bathroom, for instance... pocket doors. I've learned a few things about the style and placement of bathroom doors that might save you some headaches later on -- especially if you're able to address these things before you build.   Number & Swing Of Doors Personally, I like the most … [Read more...]

New Toilet Guide: Today’s Choices In Modern Toilets


There's a lot more to choosing a toilet than price and style. You also need to consider things like water conservation, function, size, shape, cleanliness, and maybe even color. And it's always helpful to see what others think of a particular brand of toilet (or toilet seat) too. Following is a guide that will help you determine which toilet is the best toilet for your home. Plus, discussion of some of the most modern features in today's toilets.   Low-Flow Toilets Most … [Read more...]

If We Could Build Our Log Home Over Again… Some Things We Would Do Differently

It was quite a journey and learning process to having our log home become a reality. Now that we are living our log home dream, I have had time to reflect on what we would have done differently. Make no mistake, we love our log home and believe we did more things right than wrong.  But you can always fine tune something – whether it was with the design, something we should’ve added, extra costs that we incurred or something we should’ve splurged on in … [Read more...]

The Latest Kitchen And Bathroom Trends

Jim and I are still fine-tuning our kitchen and bath choices. And we probably will continue to do so, right up until the day the appliances, countertops, backsplashes, and fixtures are installed. There is so much variety in the products available to us today, that it is difficult to stay abreast of all the latest changes in bathroom and kitchen design, as well as the trends that are shaping the future of kitchens and baths. Here, I've summarized a number of kitchen and bath trends that … [Read more...]