How To Feng Shui Your Home… Room By Room


Feng shui is a 3000 year old discipline that suggests ways to arrange various spaces so that the people living inside those spaces will prosper -- both healthwise and financially. The great thing about feng shui is that it really works! How? It teaches you how to arrange everything in your home in such a way as to have a lovely energy flow that is positive rather than negative. The effects of that are priceless. I've been using the principles of feng shui for years in my own home, and … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Comparing Log Home Floorplans

Choosing the right floorplan for your dream home is based on two things: 1. Your basic "wants" and "needs"; and 2. How your family will ultimately utilize the spaces within your home. Now is the time to explore floor plans and begin to scrutinize the layouts and the little things within each of them. … [Read more...]

How Do You Measure Square Footage?

So, how many square feet are there in your home? If you say around 2,400 then you'd be in "the norm". Ours (which is still being finalized, since we recently switched from a lake lot to a wooded lot) is projected to be between 2,500 and 3,500 square feet -- depending on (among other things) whether we go with a partial basement or not. … [Read more...]

How Using An Electric Blanket Can Lower Your Heating Bills

Through my teenage years and all through college, I used to sleep with an electric blanket. Why? Because it's always been hard for me to get warm once I catch a chill. And there's nothing more uncomfortable than going to bed when you're chilly and not being able to get warm enough to fall asleep. Well, I recently read an article entitled "Will Using An Electric Blanket Save Energy?" and I think I might be going back to an electric blanket once again! Here's why... … [Read more...]

Our ‘Wants’ And ‘Needs’ Which Ultimately Dictated The Design Of Our Log Home


Log home or not, there areĀ a number of things that I've always known I want to include in my next home. Years ago, I started jotting those things down on pieces of paper, and I stored them in the back of my idea notebook. Eventually, I transferred them all from chicken-scratched memos into my computer for permanent record-keeping and organization. When it was all said and done, I organized each item by room within the house -- and placed that list in the appropriate section of my Idea … [Read more...]

Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing

We met Malcolm Stewart of Rocky Top Log Furniture & Railing when we were in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the Log Home and Timber Frame Show. The company's main warehouse is in Byantsville, Kentucky, but this location in Tennessee (1152 Wears Valley Road/865-774-7662) is their only public showroom. Rocky Top was scheduled to be at the Log Home Show, but they're currently working on an upcoming episode of Extreme Home Makeover (they're "regulars" on the show now!), so they weren't able to be … [Read more...]

Thinking Of Using A Standard Floorplan That Already Exists?

Anything you can dream can become a reality in a log home. In fact, complete customization is more often the rule, than the exception when building log homes. Did you know? Homes that are built using standard floor plans (obtained from a builder or ordered online) are typically customized in one way or another for each individual home owner. … [Read more...]