How To Feng Shui Your Home… Room By Room


Feng shui is a 3000 year old discipline that suggests ways to arrange various spaces so that the people living inside those spaces will prosper -- both healthwise and financially. The great thing about feng shui is that it really works! How? It teaches you how to arrange everything in your home in such a way as to have a lovely energy flow that is positive rather than negative. The effects of that are priceless. I've been using the principles of feng shui for years in my own home, and … [Read more...]

How To Stay Organized & On Top Of Things When Your Log Cabin Is Your Second Home

I was recently posed a question by a member of the log home forum I belong to on how I was handling the time and maintenance of having a secondary home – in my case – our vacation log home located in Northern Michigan. They wanted to know if I had enough time to enjoy the property and whether the maintenance interfered with the enjoyment of the time I am there. I am here to tell you – it can be done. Here are some tips for staying organized and saving time when … [Read more...]

Share Your Own Log Home Stories Here…


Are you in the process of building a log home? Or maybe you already built or moved into a log cabin home and now you're interested in sharing unique and interesting stories about your log home experiences...   Good News!... We would like to add another writer to the team here at The Fun Times Guide to Log Homes.   Fun Times!... The goal is to share helpful information -- in words and pictures -- with others who may be thinking of building (or moving into) a log home … [Read more...]

FREE Log & Timber Home Workbook

If you are in the process of building a log home (or thinking about it for the near future), I would highly recommend that you sign up for this great workbook. This 116-page planning & construction guide is completely free. I got mine!   … [Read more...]

The Idea Notebook: Phase II

What started as one 3-ring notebook filled with design & decorating ideas, quickly became one overstuffed notebook that was soon crammed with every single idea that I saw somewhere else and liked. After gathering a year's worth of ideas, it appeared that I had outgrown that original notebook! It was time to reorganize... … [Read more...]

How We Found A Log Home Designer… Eventually

Despite the fact that we worked nearly a year fine-tuning the details of our custom log home, there actually came a time when we thought we were going to have to start all over from scratch and redesign a whole new house. That meant we'd need a log home designer to compile a set of custom plans for us. So the search was on... Here's how we found a log home designer (...with some recommendations of architects and designers here in the Williamson County, Tennessee area). … [Read more...]

What To Look For When Comparing Log Home Floorplans

Choosing the right floorplan for your dream home is based on two things: 1. Your basic "wants" and "needs"; and 2. How your family will ultimately utilize the spaces within your home. Now is the time to explore floor plans and begin to scrutinize the layouts and the little things within each of them. … [Read more...]

What Is Your Home Style?

I don't usually do online tests & quizzes, but this one struck a chord because it had to do with home building and decorating. Since that's where I am right now -- smack dab in the middle of building my dream home and picking out all of the interior decorations -- I wanted to see how "accurate" an online quiz like this could be. This one's called "What Does Your Home Style Say About You?" and it's by the folks at iVillage. I encourage you to try it. It's fun... and informative. Really! … [Read more...]

Unique Peterboro Baskets For Toilet Paper & Kleenex Tissue Storage In The Bathroom


I think it's hard to find a "classy" way to store extra rolls of toilet paper in your bathroom -- especially the guest bathroom or downstairs powder room, where you want to make a good impression to those who visit your home. Currently, this is my favorite toilet paper holder for the bathroom, and I think it would look great in a log home. Baskets and logs kinda go hand-in-hand, right? The bonus: You get a built-in tissue holder as well! … [Read more...]