Fireplace Design & Placement Ideas To Help You Answer The Question: Fireplace Or No Fireplace?


Odds are, if you're building a log home then you're probably going to have a fireplace. I guess it would be kind of sacrilegious not to include a fireplace in your log home plans. But, I've got to admit... I seriously considered not putting one in our log home. Why? Because my theory is that fireplaces are very much like swimming pools, hot tubs, treadmills, swing sets, and trampolines -- you never end up using them as much as you thought you would. I'm not alone... quote: Here's … [Read more...]

Old Log Homes: Pros And Cons Of Living In Old Style Log Homes


Dream of living in a log home? (Me too.) If your dream is to live in an old log house, you might want to think twice about it. Certainly, there are lots of good reasons to live in an old log home, but there are also a few reasons not to. It may have stood for 100 years or more and survived the elements season after season, but old log cabins do have their problems. Unfortunately, in many cases, when it comes to purchasing an older log home, the house inevitably has to be taken … [Read more...]

New Home Design & Must-Have “Necessities”… If Money Were No Object


If money were no object, which posh amenities would be on your wish list? These are some of the things that Jim and I have always talked about including in our dream home. They would definitely be on our list: Radiant heat flooring - Jim scoffs at the idea and says, "Who needs it? It's too expensive." (In the winter, he'll thank me for it!) Dog-friendly bath space - I've always longed for a dog tub & shower system for large dogs. Ideally, it would have low steps or a ramp for the … [Read more...]

Log Home Financing Doesn’t Come Easy These Days – Banks Are Balking At The Last Minute

Log home financing doesn't come easy these days! photo by lumaxart on Flickr

I told myself that I wasn't going to be negative -- especially about any one company -- when it came to talking about all the hoops we've had to jump through in order to get our log home financed. But let me just say this: We've had a change of heart about a couple of banks recently. Some of the details are mentioned here...   Log Home Financing Isn't Easy These Days It's funny how things change with banks when it comes right down to the wire. During the last 2 weeks … [Read more...]

New Home Building Costs: Things That Affect The Price Of Your New Log Home

There are a number of factors which can ultimately increase (or decrease) the costs associated with building a new home. Many of those are things that you, personally, can choose to include (or not include) when designing and constructing your new log home. Here are some things to keep in mind that will ultimately affect the cost to build a log home... Square or rectangular homes are less expensive to build than irregularly shaped homes, or rooms with lots of angles and areas … [Read more...]

Revealed: Log Homes Survive Fires Better Than Stick Frame Homes

Log homes are beautiful, rustic, and warm places to call home. However, by nature of the fact they are constructed almost entirely out of wood, you may be wondering, are log homes fire hazards, too? Are they even more of a fire hazard than a traditional stick frame home? Believe it or not, log homes are said to be even safer than a more-conventional stick frame home when it comes to withstanding natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes... and yes, even fires!   … [Read more...]

How To Build A Cheap Log Home

Did you know that you can actually build a log home without having to spend a lot of money? One man built a log home for under $11,000! Yes, you read that correctly -- he built a log home for his family for under $11,000. Of course, he had to take his time with the project, and it took quite a bit of work. His story is amazing, and it just may inspire you to try building a log home of your own the same way he did. … [Read more...]

How To Finance Your Log Home


Financing a log home is not the same as financing a traditional stick house. Log homes are still a novel concept -- whether they're placed in a neighborhood setting or in the rural countryside. For that reason, it's difficult for a lender to determine the relative value of a new log home. Specifically, there are fewer comps (or log homes of similar square footage that have recently been sold in the same area) from which to make value comparisons. Not to mention the fact that the value … [Read more...]

How Draw Schedules Affect The Financing Of Your Log Home

One of the biggest hang-ups in the process of finding a bank to finance our log home was the "draw schedule". The draw schedule is that unique timeline that spells out exactly when the logs themselves will be paid for, when the next installment of payments will be doled out by the bank, etc. For us, it sometimes became difficult getting the bank and the log home company to agree on when the actual money would exchange hands. At one point, it became apparent that we were going to have to … [Read more...]

Log Home Financing (Or Lack Thereof) Halts Our Log Home Construction Plans

For those who have been following along with our quest to obtain financing to build a log home... We've pulled the plug. At least for a year. We have spent the last 2 years in ongoing communication with banks (about a dozen, 4 of which we jumped through their hoops and met all of their contingencies). I can't even begin to tell you how time-consuming and overwhelming it has been to repeatedly gather paper, scan & fax documents, and talk finances day in and day out -- only to end up … [Read more...]