Log Home Landscape Ideas: Quick Tips Before You Start Landscaping!

Your log home is built and now it’s time to spruce up your outdoor surroundings. A tip before you start the landscaping around your log home: pay attention to the trees! (We learned the hard way.) Following are some reasons why it’s important to survey your lot for trees that need to be removed, as well as a few tips for determining where you should plant any new trees, shrubs and flowers around your log home.     … [Read more...]

I’ve Finally Found It… Adorable Doggie Yard Art!


I think I've finally found my "porch pig"!... You may recall that I've had my eye out for that perfect one-of-a-kind figurine or statue to grace the front porch of our new log home. Since I don't want anything too "tacky", I honestly didn't think I'd ever be able to find something cute, fun, and classy. But alas, I may have finally found it...   This Dog Changes With The Seasons! Just like the fashionable porch pig mentioned above, these dog statues can be dressed up with dog … [Read more...]

Should We Screen The Front Porch Or The Back Porch?

I can't help but wonder... when it comes to screening in a porch, which is the most likely to be used and appreciated? A screened in front porch? Or, a screened in back porch? We are, of course, talking about a log home here. So the fact of the matter is, both porches are likely to be used equally as much. But still... which is the most popular option when it comes to screened porches on log homes? … [Read more...]

Got Creeks? What Is A Blue Line Stream, Anyway?

Yesterday, Randy asked a great question about the likelihood of us subbing a creek for a pond on the property. (See my reply here.) Our conversation reminded me of the fact that one of the 3 creeks on our property is what is known as a "blue line stream". Here's what that means... … [Read more...]

Birdhouses Made From Twigs, Sticks & Branches

I first saw this birdhouse (pictured at right) when browsing through the May 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens. See how to build this rustic birdhouse. I thought it was yet another creative use of twigs and sticks that log home owners might enjoy. And I especially like this one because it's very colorful... it's not your typical brown birdhouse. I know that we are planning to build one or two unique little bird houses when we move into our new log house. So I did some … [Read more...]

More Wooden Covered Bridge Pictures

One of my favorite things to do is to photograph old bridges and barns. There's just something nostalgic and picture-perfect to me about rustic wooden things. (And there are quite a few old bridges around here. Most of these were photographed in Leipers Fork, Tennessee.) While the land we're planning to build our log home doesn't have a water crossing that would require a bridge like this... it's still fun to look. … [Read more...]