Fireplace Design & Placement Ideas To Help You Answer The Question: Fireplace Or No Fireplace?


Odds are, if you're building a log home then you're probably going to have a fireplace. I guess it would be kind of sacrilegious not to include a fireplace in your log home plans. But, I've got to admit... I seriously considered not putting one in our log home. Why? Because my theory is that fireplaces are very much like swimming pools, hot tubs, treadmills, swing sets, and trampolines -- you never end up using them as much as you thought you would. I'm not alone... quote: Here's … [Read more...]

Pictures Of Stone Accents Used In Log Homes


The following log home pictures will show you various ways to enhance your log home with natural stone. You'll see some great interior design and decorating ideas using rock and stone as accent pieces. And, lots of unique ways to use natural stone (and synthetic stone) products in your own log home. These photos could also be used to help you decide between log siding vs stone on the exterior of your home. Say... when you're building an addition onto your home or trying to decide the … [Read more...]