More Wooden Covered Bridge Pictures

There’s just something nostalgic and picture-perfect to me about rustic wooden things. Who knows, maybe someone out there will think up some fun & interesting ideas for their own log home property after looking at these pictures of wooden covered bridges. Enjoy!

Treehouses & Hideaway Cabins You Can Build Yourself

Following are the best books with complete instructions for building a treehouse for your kids — or maybe an escape hideaway for yourself. If you’re still building your new log home, then this might be the perfect thing to do with some of those extra logs, stain and roofing materials!

Wooden Covered Bridge For Log Home Owners

It makes sense that your covered bridge resemble your dwelling. So if you have to cross water on your property — and you have a log home — perhaps you’ll want something like this.

Yard Art… Porch Art… Who Needs It?

I have to admit that I kind of enjoy non-traditional, outside-the-box types of yard art. Especially if it makes you smile whenever you pass by it. Case in point: This porch pig… and this plump & friendly pig statue… and these colorful swans… Or, what about a garden gnome???