Cleaning Leather Rugs: How To Care For And Clean Cowhide Rugs & Other Animal Skin Rugs


If you have a log home, chances are you have at least one accent piece made of leather or animal hide. And at some point, it will need cleaned (or at least freshened up a bit). Here are some of the ways that leather rugs (cowhide rugs, animal skin rugs, etc.) can be used as a focal piece in your home decor: Cowhide and other leather rugs are often used to warm up cold floors -- like stone, tile, and hardwood. Leather & hide are also used on upholstered furniture to create a … [Read more...]

Old Log Homes: Pros And Cons Of Living In Old Style Log Homes


Dream of living in a log home? (Me too.) If your dream is to live in an old log house, you might want to think twice about it. Certainly, there are lots of good reasons to live in an old log home, but there are also a few reasons not to. It may have stood for 100 years or more and survived the elements season after season, but old log cabins do have their problems. Unfortunately, in many cases, when it comes to purchasing an older log home, the house inevitably has to be taken … [Read more...]

Should You Remove Snow From Your Roof Or Not?

So, do you really have to remove snow from the roof of your log home? Do some roofs fare better with the snow than others? For example: metal roofs vs shingle roofs. You may think those icicles hanging from your roof are pretty but they are actually a symptom of a potentially damaging problem for your home. As snow melts from you roof either by the sun or heat escaping from the home it tends to refreeze at the edges and other juncture points of your roof. The refreezing of water has a damming … [Read more...]

Revealed: Log Homes Survive Fires Better Than Stick Frame Homes

Log homes are beautiful, rustic, and warm places to call home. However, by nature of the fact they are constructed almost entirely out of wood, you may be wondering, are log homes fire hazards, too? Are they even more of a fire hazard than a traditional stick frame home? Believe it or not, log homes are said to be even safer than a more-conventional stick frame home when it comes to withstanding natural disasters like tornadoes and hurricanes... and yes, even fires!   … [Read more...]

Dustless Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Pros & Cons


Dustless floor refinishing is a low-cost alternative to refinishing your hardwood floors. While hardwood floors definitely have the advantage of being easy to clean up after a spill, just like carpeting, hardwood floors can get dirty, damaged, and rough looking over time if not taken care of properly. Not everyone has the money or inclination to completely strip and refinish their hardwood floors. Because of this, a new process has been developed that can yield the same or similar … [Read more...]

How To Stay Organized & On Top Of Things When Your Log Cabin Is Your Second Home

I was recently posed a question by a member of the log home forum I belong to on how I was handling the time and maintenance of having a secondary home – in my case – our vacation log home located in Northern Michigan. They wanted to know if I had enough time to enjoy the property and whether the maintenance interfered with the enjoyment of the time I am there. I am here to tell you – it can be done. Here are some tips for staying organized and saving time when … [Read more...]

Reasons This Old House Is The Best Magazine For Log Home Owners

After letting the log home magazines that I subscribe to (3 different ones) pile up for months, I decided to dive in and catch up on my log home reading the other night.I knew it was coming... I mean, this is a feeling I've had for awhile... a feeling of dissatisfaction with log home magazines in general. I've just never verbalized it before.The fact is, here we are 2 years into the process of designing and building our log home. We still haven't exactly broken ground yet (due to the fact that … [Read more...]

Log Home Landscape Ideas: Quick Tips Before You Start Landscaping!

Your log home is built and now it’s time to spruce up your outdoor surroundings. A tip before you start the landscaping around your log home: pay attention to the trees! (We learned the hard way.) Following are some reasons why it’s important to survey your lot for trees that need to be removed, as well as a few tips for determining where you should plant any new trees, shrubs and flowers around your log home.     … [Read more...]

Log Home Staining Issues & Tips For Ongoing Log Home Maintenance

The most important factors when you go to stain your log home are: Weather Timing Diligence Whether you do it yourself or hire a skilled professional, log home staining is a process that needs to be followed meticulously to ensure the protection of your log home. Having recently finished staining our log home in northern Michigan, let me share with you what to expect when you apply log home stain to your log cabin.   … [Read more...]