How To Cover Scratches On Composite Decks & Patios

by Lynnette

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One interesting thing I learned from the guy at TimberTech is a trick for covering deep scratches in composite decking.

It’s going to happen. Over time, scratches are practically inevitable. For the most part, “routine” scratches won’t even be noticeable, but the deeper scratches you will probably want to cover up.

Some examples of circumstances that might lend themselves to deep scratches:

  • …if you happen to drag a heavy piece of furniture over the deck (particularly if it has metal “feet”).
  • if someone wears metal golf cleats on the deck.
  • if repair men, contractors, etc. enter your home via the deck and they carelessly drag their industrial-strength equipment on the deck.

So what’s the “fix” for deep scratches?…

Minwax Wood Finish Stain Markers

The color choices mentioned below pertain specifically to Timber Tech’s Earthwood line.

But I’m guessing Minwax has colors to match practically every shade of composite deck material out there.

For TimberTech’s Earthwood product line, the rep said to use these Minwax stain markers to cover up any deep scratches:

Dark Walnut” matches TimberTech’s Walnut color planks

Cherry” matches TimberTech’s Rosewood color planks

Early American” matches TimberTech’s Teak color planks

The TimberTech rep told me these marker work great on the deep scratches.

In effect, the stain from the marker will fade and blend into the plank. He did say, even if you don’t use a stain marker, the scratch itself will essentially fade away over time as the deck is naturally exposed to air and environmental factors.