the-fun-times-guide-to-log-homesThis Log Home Blog documents and illustrates the process of building a log cabin from the ground up — from deciding where to build to designing it, preparing the land, constructing it, and finally decorating it.

Follow along as we go through every step in the process of building our “dream home”… a log home.

If you, too, are considering building or buying a small log cabin or a new log home — to live in permanently or seasonally — then hopefully you will find some helpful tips & information from what we’ve learned along the way.

Chances are, even if you’re building a traditional “stick home”, we will still have a lot in common and we could benefit from each other’s experiences. Most of our tips and ideas apply to all types of homes — log or not.

The aim here is to help current and future homebuilders save time, money, and hours of frustration — even if it’s in very small ways!