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Do you really have to remove snow from the roof of your log home? Do some roofs fare better with the snow than others? For example: metal roofs vs shingle roofs. Here's what you need to know about roof snow removal for your log home.

Yes, log homes are actually safer against fires than traditional stick-frame homes. See why...

If you're comparing the characteristics between concrete log homes and traditional log homes, it's fair to say that with log homes made of wood, you have to worry about mold, rot, insects, and fire -- over time. But with concrete log homes you do not. Nor do you have to apply stain to the home's exterior every few years. And, since you don't have to chop down any trees for concrete log homes, concrete log homes are also considered to be environmentally-friendly.

The first official sign that construction is about to take place on our new log home site: the posting of the Building Permit! But it was a day of highs and lows, thanks to a series of tornadoes that hit in Williamson County the night before.

Do you advise future homeowners in Florida to build a log home, as opposed to a traditional stick-built home? What do you think... how well do log homes hold up in Florida?

It's a fact, log home insurance is typically 20% more than insurance for the same size non-log home. Worse yet, many insurance companies charging a 25% to 50% surcharge for a log home. Here's our experience getting log home insurance, plus a number of log home insurance tips to help you get started.

I had no idea what a 'blue line creek' or 'blue line stream' was... until recently. The 5+ acres of land we purchased has 3 creeks running through it and one of them is a blue line creek, and it is controlled by FEMA. Here's what you need to know.

With hurricane season upon us -- June 1 through November 30 -- I thought it might be worthwhile to see how well log homes fare under typical hurricane conditions. You'll also find some excellent tips here if you are currently building a log home and you want it to be able to withstand hurricane force winds!

The next house we visited on the Honest Abe Tour of Log Homes was actually not on the tour... it was simply one that Tonya had mentioned to us, in case we wanted to swing by and have a look. We are SO glad we did!...