Need A Shower Shaving Mirror? Here’s How We Found The Best Anti-Fog Shower Mirror That’s Lasted 10+ Years!

by Lynnette

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In our home, Jim shaves his head bald every morning.

In addition to a lifetime supply of Gillette Mach 3 razors and replacement blades, it’s a necessity that we have a fog-free shaving mirror located inside the shower itself.

We’ve given this a whole lot of thought lately because we’d like to have a better, more professional, option in mind when it comes time to build the bathroom of our dreams.

Following is everything we’ve learned about anti-fog shower mirrors:

  • For starters, most are not worth the price you pay for them!
  • See the 2 biggest drawbacks of affordable fog-free mirrors.
  • See our 3 top choices for fogless shower shaving mirrors.
  • And finally, my detailed review of the fogless mirror that we like best.

Drawback #1: Suction Cups Lose Their Grip

This is one of the first fogless shower mirrors we tried. I has suction cups on the back -- but they kept failing. As a result, the fog-free mirror kept falling off the wall!

The fact of the matter is… the suction cups they come with lose their grip under the weight of the mirror itself every few days.

That means, you always have to remember to reach behind the mirror itself and “push” the suction cups firmly to the wall. If you don’t? After a week or so, you’ll hear this loud crash coming from the bathroom itself, only to realize, “Oh yeah, it’s that stupid shaving mirror again!”

Miraculously, our plastic-framed fogless mirror has never broken, or even cracked — despite a 4-foot drop every few weeks. (It must be made durable enough to withstand these frequent crashes.)

Still… ideally, the best fog-free shower mirror for Jim to shave his bald head would be permanently affixed to the tiled wall inside the shower. No more suction cups!

Drawback #2: Most Fogless Mirrors Still Fog Up

For awhile, this was our favorite fogless shower mirror -- until the heavy-duty suction cups proved themselves to be not so heavy-duty after all.

Despite their claims, every fog-free mirror we’ve tried still gets fogged up on occasion.

Usually we just toss handfuls of water on the mirror itself, and the fog goes away temporarily.

But then you’re left with ugly water spots! And if you happened to have a combination of soap and body oils (or shampoo) on your hands, then you’re actually just contaminating the anti-fog properties of the mirror anyway.

In case you’re wondering, this is the fog-free shower mirror that is pictured in the 2 “drawbacks” mentioned above. We liked it, but didn’t love it. It fell down a lot and never look clean and clear.

So, What’s The BEST Option Then?…

Our experience is that most of the current solutions don’t work because:

Fortunately, we’ve found at least one shower shaving mirror that does work!…

The Best Fogless Shower Mirrors For Shaving


#1 – This is the fog-free shaving mirror we currently have and love!

Speaking from experience, it is truly the best — because it stays put, doesn’t fog up, and it looks great! You can see Jim using it in the very first photo, above.

This is the fog free mirror that we've ultimately decided to stick with. We've been using it for over 10 years now!

How it’s different than most fogless mirrors: The mirror itself gets automatically warmed up by the water that sits in the large open channel on the back. It’s the natural heat from the water to the mirror that keeps the mirror fog free while you’re in the shower. Jim swears by it — it really works!

Why we like it best: It’s the only mirror that has truly stays fog free us. We’ve had ours for over 10 years now — and it’s still working just like it did on day one.

How it works: Each time before shaving, you simply slide the mirror upwards from its base, dump out the existing water, and refill it with fresh warm or hot water from the shower.  

Any downsides?… The only thing I can think of is it’s on the small side. While a larger mirror would be better, pretty much all of the fog-free shower shaving mirrors are small like this — so it’s just something we have to live with.

This is the lighted fog-free mirror that we are having installed in our new master bathroom.

#2 – This is our all-time dream fog-free mirror — the one that we are planning to put in our new house.

When we build our dream home (yes, we have already drawn up the first set of house plans), we’ve decided that this is the anti-fog shaving mirror we are going to put in new our master bathroom!

How it’s different than most fogless mirrors: It’s different in SO many ways! It’s larger than a traditional shower shaving mirror — so it can easily be placed above the sink or vanity in your bathroom. It’s round — instead of the traditional square or rectangular bathroom mirror shape. And it’s thin — so it won’t stick out very far from the wall.

Why we like it best: While it can’t be used deep inside the shower itself, it can be used on a wall near the shower. Our new master bathroom is designed with a doorless walk-in shower — and there is a “shaving sink” nearby. You are not physically standing in the flow of the shower water while using that sink. This anti-fog shower mirror will go perfectly there!


How it works: It plugs in (no batteries required, so it will last forever!), and you simply push a button to turn it ON and OFF. The lights are dimmable in that there are 3 brightness settings to choose from. LED lights, in general, are rated to “last a lifetime” — so again, there’s nothing to wear out or change. Specifically, the manufacturer says these LEDs will last at least 50,000 hours. So IF you were to leave this mirror on for 1 hour a day every single day, it would last 136 years!

Any downsides?… The LEDs only provide a backlight, so you still need overhead lights in the bathroom — especially if you want to use it as the primary mirror, or as a makeup mirror.

#3 – This one looks like it might have the potential to be great.

This mirror is warmed from a trickle of shower water that is diverted from the main shower stream so that it is sprayed on the back of the mirror and then exits the mirror bottom directly to the shower floor. A layer of copper is sandwiched to the back of the mirror to ensure that the heat from the water is evenly distributed. It is this transfer of heat from the water to the mirror that keeps your view entirely fog free no matter how hot or long your shower.

I’ve seen this type of technology being used in full-size bathroom mirrors.

However, using this same technology in a dinky little mirror like this one… well, I’d have to see it to believe it. (Especially for a mirror at this affordable price point.)

I believe the “layer of copper” is what makes this mirror most unique. It effectively makes this a “heated mirror” — and the full size heated mirrors that we’ve looked at in person are seriously expensive!

Want to read my detailed review of our all-time favorite fogless mirror? (#1 above)

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