Our Master Bathroom & Spa Shower Plans (…Plus 15 Of The Best Doorless Walk-In Shower Ideas!)

by Lynnette

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We went from this (a walk-in shower WITH a door) to a doorless shower design!

As a comment to my article about choosing a tub & shower set-up for your master bathrooma reader named Marci wrote:

“My gosh!… You have described the VERY bathroom I’ve been looking for as we prepare to build in the spring. Do you have a photo yet? Would love a space just as you described. Sounds lovely!”

So, as an update, I’m going to show you what we have designed for our master bathroom shower area.

Most notable is the fact that we’ve decided to go with a doorless walk-in shower. (I am SO tired of cleaning the glass doors in our current shower!)

See how we designed our doorless shower (and the photos that inspired us to go this route)

Our Uniquely Designed Bathroom & Shower

The closest I have to a picture at this point is this diagram:

Our new house plans for the master bathroom include a doorless shower idea! See lots of doorless shower designs here.

This next image is from our actual house plans — showing just the master bathroom and shower area:

This is the type of large bathroom sink we plan to have in our master bathroom -- on the other side of that floating wall.

You will notice that there is a floating wall in the center, which serves as the base for a sink on either side:

  • One is a “shaving sink” to accommodate Jim’s daily ritual in the shower.
  • The other is a wide-top furniture looking sink with some counter space.

With regard to the shower area, there is also:

  • 1 corner bench — for seating inside the shower
  • 1 window inside the shower area — for air and natural light (it’s wide & narrow, rather than tall and skinny as it appears in the image from our houseplans)
  • 2 built-in shelves — to hold all of our shower supplies
  • 2 ceramic towel hooks at the entrance to the shower (in the dry area) to hang towels on.

In this plan, the showerhead is placed on the shortest part of that floating wall — in the very back.

It’s similar to the walk-in shower in this next photo — where the floating wall has the bathtub on one side and the walk-in doorless shower on the other side:

This is one master bathroom design that features a floating wall to separate the doorless walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom.

Actual Bathrooms With Doorless Showers That Inspired Our Design

Our master bathroom was designed after looking through far too many home magazines and watching way too many DIY tv shows on the HGTV network).

Here are some of the photos which inspired our “dream bathroom”…

#1 – Shower seat, built-in shelf, and tile:

A large, classy looking walk-in shower inside of a master bathroom.

#2 – Nice tile, antique bronze fixtures, and doorless shower:

Nice tiled master shower without doors and half wall.

#3 – Sink on one side, walk-in shower on the other side of a thin, narrow wall:

Master bathroom with a floating wall that separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom.

#4 – Brick looking tile, built-in shelf and shower seat:

A nice spa shower inside the master bathroom -- with a built-in shower seat and niche shelf for hair products.

#5 – A doorless walk-in shower hides behind the wall in this master bathroom:

A large walk-in shower without any doors in the master bathroom.

#6 – Fog-free mirror and small sink inside the master shower:

A small sink with a fogless mirror for shaving and brushing teeth in the shower.

#7 – Walk-thru master shower with floating wall that is half glass:

This is a super classy walk-thru shower for a master bathroom featuring a half-glass wall as the divider that separates the shower form the rest of the room.

#8 – Doorless master shower with controls on the half wall instead of near the showerhead:

This doorless master shower uses a three-quarter height wall to separate the shower from the bathtub (and the rest of the room).

#9 – Walk-in master shower hidden behind a tall tiled wall:

Another tiled walk-in shower without a door - as seen when touring homes for sale.

#10 – Three-quarters of a glass wall separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the room:

A doorless shower with a short glass wall in the master bathroom.

#11 – Two pieces of clear glass (one on either side), with a pass-thru area that has no door:

This his & her walk-in shower has a tall piece of clear glass on either side, but no door!

#12 – A single piece of window-paned glass separates the walk-in shower from the other items in the master bathroom:

A unique piece of window-paned glass separates the walk-in shower from the rest of the bathroom.

#13 – A curved half-wall accented with tile/stone separates the walk-thru shower from the rest of the master bathroom:

A doorless master shower with a curved rustic half wall.

And now, for something that’s WAY out of the ordinary… here’s a “wet area” in the master bathroom — for both the bathtub and the walk-in shower:

A master bathroom wet area - the walk-in shower and bathtub are both enclosed in a glass 'room'.

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Doorless shower ideas for anyone who hates to clean glass shower doors!