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Photos & Ideas For Creating Unique Window Art Inside Your Home

Earlier, I gave a few examples of what makes windowsill decor truly “art” and not just “a storage shelf” for everyday items.

Here’s another example of how I intend to display interesting items in unusual ways along the windowsills of our new log home…

For starters, I love to incorporate natural rocks and stones into pieces of art and home decor. I’ve done that for years.

Now, taking this idea to the next level, I plan on adding a few simple stones with words of inspiration on them in select locations throughout my home — interspersed with a few other random items along a windowsill.

You can even get really creative and make your own word stones. All you need is a few smooth stones and a Sharpie marker, or some paint. Then, add words that mean something to you. Like this:

Or, you might find some really colorful word stones that will fit into your windowsill decor perfectly and add a fantastic burst of color like this:

The point here is to try to find creative ways to display everyday items in unusual ways along the windowsills of your home.

Here are dozens of other ideas for creating fun window art inside your home…

Window Art Inspiration

  1. Old school liquid thermometers like these add an awesome burst of color — with a very practical purpose.

I’m currently on the hunt for a Galileo thermometer like this!

(Here’s a similar look using a thermometer, pyramid, and glass bubbles.)

  1. In the right location inside your home, a colorful glass collection such as this could become an incredible focal point.
  1. I like how cobalt blue bottles “pop” nicely on a windowsill — especially against solid wood window frames. (Blue glass bottles placed next to a simple piece of art isn’t bad either.)
  1. This frosty look makes me think of a bathroom windowsill. I like the simple, understated, pastel or muted colors for the bottles themselves.
  1. This window display is just fun. It reminds me to keep my eyes open for small, colorful, fun and unusual pieces of art that would work well on a windowsill.
  1. An example of a practical display of “real” greenery. Only thing I might do differently is to place them in more colorful bottles on the windowsill. But clear glass looks nice too. (Here’s another example.)
  1. Colorful flowers like these sweet peas are a good choice for “live” plants on windowsills. What a great burst of color.
  1. Soft, simple muted glass tones make a statement of simplicity.
  1. Wow! Talk about a burst of color! FUN.
  1. Sometimes, a few sprigs of grass or greenery are all you need to bring “life” to a windowsill.
  1. I love big bold red flowers. These are amaryllis.
  1. Consider filling clear glass jars and bottles with different things like buttons, marbles, seeds, beans, corks, safety pins, rubber bands. Taken a step farther… on a home-office windowsill, your jar collection could actually be used to store your office supplies.
  1. Simple fresh flowers, along with greenery and fun artsy pieces turn a boring windowsill into a whimsical one.
  1. A simple piece of stained glass may be just the piece you need to pull together the colors of the other pieces on the windowsill.
  1. Nice bright colors work well together.
  1. Not every windowsill in the house needs to be decorated to the fullest. Sometimes, just a simple flower is enough to add personality and life. At times, you may simply want to call attention to the beautiful views outside the window!
  1. Note to self: Do not to discard old wine bottles, as some of them are colorful or have “fun” labels.
  1. Line an entire windowsill with a jumbled-up collection of colorful tiny flowerpots, soaps, bottles, or anything you can find a bunch of the same thing in different colors.
  1. “Chunky” jars and clay pots add texture and dimension to your windowsill arrangement — especially when they’re in different colors, shapes and sizes.
  1. I’ve always wanted to have a small bonsai tree. Here’s some inspiration for a windowshill arrangement using bonsai and fun colors.
  1. Of course plants and greenery in all shapes, sizes, and colors make a great windowsill arrangement in and of themselves. They effectively breathe “life” into the room.
  1. I like how corks add a more “rustic” touch to home decor. Plus, brown earthy things aren’t always easy to come by, so they’re quite noticeable on the windowsill.
  1. There are 2 things that I like about this one: 1) the addition of an unusual photo in a solid black frame (also works well with a black & white photo or a caricature); and 2) the way she incorporated her hobby of rubber stamping.
  1. Sometimes clear jars alone complete the look for your windowsill. Especially at sunrise and sunset, the hues and shadows could be simply stunning. Here, the metal hardware adds dimension and a special charm.
  1. A practical, yet stylish way to add things to the windowsill. This arrangement works well in a bathroom.
  1.  I like the simple look here with one flower in a unique vase. Each flower and vase is completely different from the rest.
  1. Sometimes just a few clear glass bottles are enough to bring attention to the eye, without being too much.
  1. Fresh flowers make a huge statement — especially when they’re extremely colorful ones like these.