Custom Log Home Under Construction

by Lynnette

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The next house we visited on the Honest Abe Tour of Log Homes was actually not on the tour… it was simply one that Tonya had mentioned to us, in case we wanted to swing by and have a look.

We are SO glad we did!…


As I said, this one was not “officially” on the tour, but we later found out that everyone in the area has their eye on this particular home. They’re enjoying the process of watching it go up right before their very eyes.

In my eyes, it’s pure log home perfection… especially from the outside!

Our favorite things about this log home:

1. The extra-wide wraparound porches & adjoining deck.


2. The interior.

log-home-interior2.jpg log-home-interior1.jpg log-home-interior4.jpg log-home-interior3.jpg log-home-safe-room.jpg

3. The exterior.

log-home-exterior2.jpg log-home-exterior3.jpg log-home-exterior4.jpg


I have to say… I have never seen a more attractive log home than this one. At least from the outside. These porches were to die for, thanks to the continuous wraparound design. To top it all off, the color of the stain used for this log home’s exterior was just perfect in my opinion. Not too yellow, and not too orange. This is how I want the exterior of my home to look. (Complete with the deep blue skies in the background, of course.)