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Honest Abe Log Homes

We went to an Honest Abe log raising and learned the following random tidbits about how Honest Abe builds log homes.I found these things the most interesting.

We are very fortunate to have found them all: a log provider, a builder, and a general contractor that we are completely comfortable with. Here's why we chose Honest Abe Log Homes and why we stuck with them through lots of changes, ups & downs.

Here's why we chose John Roach to be the general contractor to build our new log home in Williamson County Tennessee. Plus, some tips for what to look for in a GC, and some recommendations for general contractors in Middle Tennessee.

This article is one of the few in which we have actually vented our yearlong frustrations in dealing with finding a general contractor to build our home, topped off with some of the runaround we've received from the banks who seem unwilling to finance log homes in this area.

If you are considering meeting with an Interior Designer, to help you fine-tune the details and features that you plan to build into your new home, here are a few things that we've learned along the way...

We thought we were going to use D Logs in our new log home, but now we are considering a switch to Genesis Logs! See why, plus a listing of some of the differences between Genesis Logs and D-Logs here...


First we found a floorplan that came close to what we wanted. Then we modified that plan to incorporate our own wants & needs. Then we got estimates from log home builders. Next, we met with designers and contractors to finalize our dream home. Here's how it went for us...

I truly enjoy participating the log home events for prospective log home owners that log home builders have throughout the year. Recently, we attended an Honest Abe Open House at the home of Todd and Kim. Here's a look inside their log home.

a log raising is an educational & informative event that is attended by people like you & me who are interested in (or in the process of) building a log home. At a log raising event, they build a log home from the ground up right before your eyes.