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Log Homes In Florida… Good Or Bad?

reader-question-log.jpgRuth H. sent us an email:

Soon I will need to buy a home in FL. There is a log home available in Ft. Lauderdale. Can log homes last that far south? I would love to find out more about what I should be looking for. Please send some advise.

Anyone have any advice for Ruth?

All I know is these log homes survived hurricanes in Florida.


I’m sure Ruth (and others) would be interested in hearing from log home owners in Florida.

What do you think?… How well do log homes hold up in states as far south (and as close to the water) as Florida?

In the March 2008 issue of Log Homes Illustrated, they profiled a custom handcrafted log home in Central Florida that had been put through its paces when “it was tested by three direct, full-impact hurricanes: Charlie, Francis, and Jean.”

The good news:

Although there was major wind and flood damage to the outside landscaping, this well-built home survived the true test with no real damage.”

Here are 2 articles about the log home that is owned by John Heintz: