Abraham Lincoln’s Log Cabin And Farm Land For Sale

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Abraham Lincoln’s farm land is up for sale to raise money for a new log cabin and visitor’s center.

Small parcels of the 4-acre tract will be sold to the general public.

We’re talking really small… something like 1-inch square pieces. These are souvenir land deeds only. While they are not sure exactly how many parcels of land will eventually be sold, there are more than 6 million square inches in an acre — in case you were wondering.

It will include a deed that can be recorded with the idea that it’s to have something you can frame, but it will be more to have the land owned ‘by everybody’ and help ensure its preservation. Source

The monies raised will be used to restore the log cabin that is located on the property, and to also build a visitors’ center and walkway with signs detailing Abraham Lincoln‘s history.

About The Land…
In October of 2007, Raymond Phipps from Springfield, Illinois sold 4 acres of land once owned by Abraham Lincoln for $1.25 million to an organization called Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm LLC. Phipps had owned the land since the Civil War.

The primary reasons the Friends of the Abraham Lincoln Historical Farm bought the land were twofold:
1) to make it a tribute to Abe Lincoln; and
2) to prevent it from being developed inappropriately.

This farm land is located near Lerna, Illinois. It is very close to the Lincoln Log Cabin State Historic Site, which was the 1840s home of Abraham Lincoln’s father and stepmother (Thomas Lincoln and his second wife, Sarah Bush Lincoln).

Jim and I visited there once. It was quite nice.

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Lincoln owned the land at one time because he bought it from his father, who was in need of money, though Lincoln continued to let his father farm the land as he did before the transaction. Source

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There’s also a huge selection of Abe Lincoln books and more online.

Sources: Springfield Journal Register, Journal Gazette-Times Courier, Chicago Sun-Times, Abraham Lincoln Blog

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