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We built a log cabin that is CLOSE to our dream log home, but a few things are lacking. Here are a few things that we would do differently if we were to build a log home again.

Need more space in your log home?... Consider a walk out basement! Here are some great reasons to consider building a log home with a basement, plus tips for building your basement while still staying within your log home budget.

Here's a great list of environmentally-friendly green log home products and suppliers. So, if you're trying to make your currently log home more green or you'll soon be building your very own green log home, here are some companies that will make your life easier!

The look of exposed trees brings a bit of nature indoors. And who doesn't want to bring a little outdoors in, right? Especially in a log home! Here's how you can create the look of real trees inside your home -- particular around pillars, columns, and poles located in the basement, near stairways, and around kitchen islands & bars.

If log homes are your thing and 'rustic' is your game, then you're going to love these pictures of REAL tree accents and the use of rustic looking logs -- or heavy timber -- inside a log home. You'll also see photos of fun ways to incorporate trees and heavy timber logs into the EXTERIOR characteristics of your log home.

I learned a few things about the differences between attached garages vs detached garages vs basement garages. Here's what I found...

We are considering using Superior Walls for concrete walls in the basement of our log home. Superior Walls are a pre-cast -- not pre-fab -- concrete foundation and insulated wall system. These basement walls are the BEST if you're wanting an energy-efficient home.

We're trying to 'build green' with our new log home, but there are some challenges. Here are our thoughts on geothermal energy and prefab basements.