How To Make Basement Columns, Support Poles And Pillars In Your House Look Like Real Trees

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reader-question-log.jpgMissy M wrote in recently:

I am remodeling bsmnt I have 2 poles that can’t b moved I saw on tv, make the poles look like real trees….they never said how or where they bought the materials Can u help, suggestions?

This is the perfect thing to do in a log home basement!


I actually think people are doing this more and more in stick-built homes as well these days.

The look of exposed trees brings a bit of nature indoors. And who doesn’t want to bring a little outdoors inside, right?

Did You Know?
The steel poles or columns (often found in basements) that are used to support a girder, another beam, or timber are also known as lally columns.

First, check out these pictures of rustic columns and poles found inside log homes


Companies That Can Create The Look For You

I checked with a log home company (Honest Abe Log Homes) for advice on how log home owners (and others) are doing this — putting tree-looking columns and decor inside their homes.

I was told that, in most cases, those are real trees you’re looking at. They are large trees that are cut to fit that particular space, then they’re dried, stained, and sealed to last for the life of your home (and remove all chances of insects re-inhabiting the tree trunk).

So, to create the look yourself, I would start by contacting a couple of log home companies in your area and ask some questions.

Outside of the log providers who specialize in this, finding someone to create the look for you inside your own home isn’t going to be easy. Companies that do this are few and far between. And, by the looks of things, they’re expensive too!


How To Create The Look Yourself

If ‘real’ trees aren’t what you’re after, then here are some do-it-yourself ideas you might want to consider. Some ways to cover the poles and columns in your basement, including how to make them look like trees :

Worth checking out: Pioneer Building Materials makes Basement Pole Wraps in 3 different finishes: paint grade fiber board, knotty pine, and red oak — all with optional crown, base, and drink shelf. They are made to install around basement lolly columns to give them a decorative look.