See What Your Log Home Would Look Like With Different Colors Of Stains, Chinking, Decks & Trim

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The Weatherall company provides a number of log home products, include stain and chinking.

In 1982 the Weatherall Company became the first company to develop an all-acrylic, elastomeric chinking for log homes. This revolutionary new product was known as Weatherall 1010 Chinking. Shortly thereafter Weatherall Company developed a new log finish that was compatible with the chinking. Next a unique backer-rod was engineered to complete the first true Log Home Sealant System-a total system that would provide the ultimate protection against the harsh elements of weather: sunlight, moisture and wind. Source

Now, they’re offering a fun (and FREE!) downloadable program that lets you see what your log home would look like with different color schemes.

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Weatherall Color Viewer

Here’s what you can do:

  • Change the color of stain on the logs
  • Change the color of the chinking
  • Change the color of the deck
  • Change the color of the trim work
  • Change the color of the roof
  • Change the style of the roof (metal vs asphalt)


Thanks to Weatherall, it’s now easier to visualize your new log home before it’s even built!

Download the Weatherall Color Viewer (.exe). Or, you can access it directly from the Weatherall website.



The Highlights…

I especially like that you can view the home from many different angles.

That’s pretty cool.

You don’t have to incorporate chinking, if you don’t want to.

Unfortunately, the colorizing is done in the format of a colored drawing, rather than using an actual photograph of a log home, so it’s not exactly realistic looking.

Colorized drawing-style or not, I was hoping that the program would allow you to upload a “real” photo of a home that is similar to yours. But you’re limited to the style of log home they’ve selected as the default.

TIP: Be sure to use the scroll bars next to each item. On first glance, it appears that you only get 4 colors to choose from.

Overall, I think this product is helpful for narrowing down your favorite color schemes. But as far as picking stain colors, you will probably still have to experiment with a couple of different colors of stains yourself on your own log home — that’s the only way to know for sure which colors of stains look best on your logs.

More great answers to difficult log home staining and chinking questions here: Weatherall FAQ.


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