Fun Decorating Ideas For You AND Your Dog In Your New Home

by Lynnette

dogs, doors, log home furniture

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As you know, I’m a dog person. I have a whole other website that’s filled with dog tips and tricks.

We currently have one dog (a Black Lab), and we are finding that we’ve had to rethink a few things in our new log home in order to accommodate our dog. Just small things… like ways to incorporate his food & water station, types of hardwood to use on the flooring, and the easiest way to bathe him.


The aim is for the dog to have a place in the house (just like he does now), while not wrecking all of our favorite features of a log home. (He’s a very big, very active dog.)

Anyway, here are some fun ways that I’ve found to include dog-friendly features in your new home.


Some things to think about…

When it comes to having a dog in a log home, you’ll want to consider these:

  • Where to place the food & water bowls — and what they’ll look like.
  • Where to place the knick-knacks so little dogs won’t bump into them… and big dogs won’t knock ’em over with their tails.
  • Which type of flooring to choose — everything from hardwoods, to tile to rugs — to lessen the effects of dog claws (and muddy paws!) on the floors.
  • Furniture and bed spreads that won’t attract dog fur.
  • Vacuuming options — how to keep up with all the dog hair in the corners of each room (…and on the furniture).
  • Where your dog will sleep, and what your dog’s bed will look like.
  • A way to bathe your dog quickly and easily — without breaking your back.
  • Open shelves vs closed shelves in the kitchen & bathrooms… to keep pets (and stray fur!) out of the food and dishes.
  • Size and placement of the garbage cans …in each room of the house.
  • Outdoor spaces to satisfy your dog and your friends. Think: dog house, porch & patio fun, water fountains, fencing.
  • How your dog will enter and exit the home — either on their own (via a doggy door) or with your help (through a sliding door, or a french door, or a dutch door — where the top & bottom open separately).


Dog food & water bowls under kitchen counter


Classy custom pet doors


A dog crate built into a heavy piece of furniture


Central vacuum system helps tame loose dog fur


A doggie door and dog bed built into a piece of furniture


Pull-out dog bowls built into the kitchen island



Talk about a comfortable barka-lounger!



For the do-it-yourselfer… a raised feeding station for your dog.



Designate a space in the mudroom or laundry room specifically for your dog.


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