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Residential Bathroom Code Requirements. Standard bathroom dimensions, sizes, and space requirements for showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, vanities. Room sizes for a full bath, half bath, water closet, powder room. Plus, ADA bathroom requirements and online tools to save time & money designing your bathroom!

Thinking about putting rugs on hardwood floors? Wondering what type of rugs and pads should be used on wood floors? Here's what I've learned firsthand and from experts.

Why would you put a non-wood door on a log home? Because you can't tell the difference - see for yourself! 13 reasons to choose fiberglass doors/composite doors.

The type of drawer pulls you choose for the different rooms in your home says a lot about your style and personality. Rustic drawer pulls, give a room a very unique feel and charm. Here are some rustic drawer pulls that would look great in a log home, log cabin, or a lodge.

Here's how to incorporate feng shui in the rooms of your home.

The number and placement of bathroom doors is one thing that people tend to overlook -- until it's too late. I've learned a few things that might save you some headaches later on, if you're able to address these things before you build.

A collection of facts about doors that will come in handy when choosing the placement of your interior and exterior doors, plus tips that should help when deciding which type of doors to buy.

We built a log cabin that is CLOSE to our dream log home, but a few things are lacking. Here are a few things that we would do differently if we were to build a log home again.

We're always looking for more fun gadgets and features that can be incorporated into our log home that will appeal to our dog -- and us. Here are some fun ways to incorporate dog-friendly things into your own log home.