Lessons Learned: How To Buy Furniture At Retail Stores AND Get The Best Deal

There will come a time when you have to purchase new furniture. Sofas wear out beyond repair, slipcovers cannot hold together a failing frame, chairs will give way, and tables will be damaged beyond repair. You could buy used furniture on consignment or at thrift stores, but sometimes, you just want new. Here are some furniture buying tips that I recently learned firsthand.

Tips For Creating An ‘Idea Notebook’ Filled With Dream House Ideas

My Idea Notebook goes everywhere that I go! It usually stays in the car, but I always have it handy should I need a measurement, a color, or a description for someone who’s helping us make this home a reality — such as a bank lender, blueprint designer, or cabinet installer. Or, if my friends & relatives have a question or make a suggestion on the fly, then I just grab the Idea Notebook and add it to my collection of great ideas.

Outdoor Dog Furniture For Your Log Dog

Log home owners with dogs may be interested in incorporating some “log” features into your dog’s lifestyle too. For example, outdoor dog houses, porches, barns, and beds for dogs. Check ’em out…

About Teak Wood Used In Furniture & Decks

There are very few differences between the Teak furniture that is used indoors and that which is typically used on decks, patios and porches. Typically Teak patio furniture will have a lighter brown — sometimes reddish — hue. Indoor furniture made from Teak is often stained a darker brown color. We love ’em both. And we plan to buy Teak furniture for inside our log home, as well as some outdoor pieces for our wide and spacious porches.

Wildwood Furniture Company

Several pieces of furniture which appear in the HGTV Dream Home Of The Year for 2007 were actually created by Wildwood Furniture Company. They offer handcrafted mountain and cabin custom furnishings. All furniture is designed and built in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.