Log Home Pedestal Sink Shaped Like A Log

by Lynnette

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Sharon wrote in an email:

I am looking for a pedestal sink for my log home that is made from a log . I saw this in a magazine a long time ago and am now unable to source such a thing. Help!!”


Well Sharon, that sounds like a really fun sink for a log home!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find one either.

I did an online search and found a few bathroom sinks that would look great inside a log home… but none was the log-shaped pedestal sink you referred to.

Perhaps others have seen it. If so, please share in the Comments below!


Unique Bathroom Sinks For Log Homes

Following are some of the really unique sinks I found online.

Click pictures for details.

Tree Trunk Carved Marble Vessel Sink




Log Pedestal Sink



Rustic Bathroom Vanity With Hand-Blown Glass Bowl




Tree Trunk Pedestal Sink w/Stone Bowl (plus, lots more to choose from)




Log Pedestal Table Base




Wood Pedestal Sink




Rustic Bathroom Vanity Sink (plus, lots more to choose from)




Wooden Sink Stand With Porcelain Bowl




Wood Basin Sink




Log Pedestal Sinks Featured In Magazines

Here are some cool pedestal sinks for the bathroom. Most are basically a round bowl perched atop a tall tree stump. I really like the rustic look of these log pedestal sinks!


From the May 2008 issue of Log Home Living magazine.


From Log Home Living magazine – designed by a reader.


log-pedestal-sink-western eagle construction.jpg
From Log Home Design magazine, December 2007.


From Log Home Living 2009 Annual Buyer’s Guide.