Where We Are Now On This Log Home Roller Coaster Ride…

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Some of you are probably wondering exactly where we are now in this process of building our first log home.

Well, we’re held up at the financing stage of the game.

We were actually 3 days from closing, when things got squirrelly and we decided to shop banks some more. (More on that here.)

So now, we’re most likely taking a 6-month hiatus. That should be enough time for us to build up a bigger down payment — maybe even enough to prevent us from having to take out a “jumbo loan” (which is a loan amount of $417 or more — it comes with higher rates & fees). By the way, our loan amount includes the cost of the land, as well.

The good news is, time is on our side because the mortgage rates have already come down since our previous closing date in October, and they are projected to drop even more in the coming months.

Thankfully, everything else is in order… The land has been cleared. The blueprints are done. The general contractor is on standby. The logs are ready. The details of our home have all been finalized. The sub-contractors are ready to begin. Now, we’re just waiting for the banks to open up their pockets so our dream home can become a reality.