How To Build A Cheap Log Home

Did you know you can build a log home for less than $11,000? One man built the log home of his dreams for under $11,000! You can build a cheap log home, too. Here’s how.


How To Finance Your Log Home

Log home lending is different for some banks than taking out a mortgage for a tract house or other conventional housing structure. Knowing what avenues to take when seeking log home financing will make your goals of obtaining a mortgage for your log home an easier, happier journey.

How Draw Schedules Affect The Financing Of Your Log Home

One of the biggest hang-ups in the process of finding a bank to finance our log home was the ‘draw schedule’. The draw schedule is that unique timeline that spells out exactly when the logs themselves will be paid for, when the next installment of payments will be doled out by the bank, etc. It became difficult to get the bank and the log home company to agree on when the actual money would exchange hands. Here’s how it went for us.

Log Home Financing (Or Lack Thereof) Halts Our Log Home Construction Plans

We qualify for the loans, but there just aren’t enough log homes that have been sold recently around here for the banks to use as ‘comps’ in order to determine a fair appraisal value for our proposed log home. They’re coming in way lower than we can build this log home for. And the banks won’t budge.