Outdoor Dog Furniture For Your Log Dog

Log home owners with dogs may be interested in incorporating some “log” features into your dog’s lifestyle too. For example, outdoor dog houses, porches, barns, and beds for dogs. Check ’em out…

I’ve Finally Found It… Adorable Doggie Yard Art!

I’ve had my eye out for that perfect one-of-a-kind figurine or statue to grace the front porch of our new log home for awhile now. Since I don’t want anything too ‘tacky’, I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to find something cute, fun, AND classy. But I think I may have finally found it. Check out these life-size dog welcome statues!

The Best Hardwood Floors If You Have Dogs

We have two 80-lb dogs AND we’re building a new log home. You can bet we’ve done some homework about hardwood flooring at this point! Here’s what we’ve learned about dogs and hardwood floors.

Your Dog Wants A Log Home, Too!

Many log home owners are dog owners, like us. But, one thing that’s different is this: Many of log home owners are not including their pets in their log home design & decorating plans. We are actually incorporating a handful of ‘design features’ that will simplify things a bit — for ourselves and for our dogs.