GE, GE Profile & Kenmore Microwave Oven Recall

Yesterday’s recall of 92,000 wall microwave oven units includes GE, GE Profile, and Kenmore microwave ovens. Anyone who has one of these microwave ovens should stop using it immediately. GE and Sears are offering either a free repair or a significant rebate on a new microwave oven. Here’s the scoop…

Washer & Dryer Details And Reviews

Of all the washers & dryers that I reviewed, including LG’s and Bosch, I would seriously consider buying an LG washer and dryer, but I just like the Maytag washer & dryer combo better overall.

Should We Get A Freezerless Refrigerator AND A Standalone Freezer Instead Of A Side-By-Side?

Since freezerless models don’t appear to have the built-in ice & water dispenser, the plan now is to buy regular refrigerator — with or without a freezer attached, but DEFINITELY with lots of fresh food storage capacity — for the kitchen and also buy a standalone full-size freezer for the pantry, for all our frozen food needs. In my mind, that’s the best of both worlds. Yay… I think I’ve finally found the answer to our cold food storage needs!

Washers And Dryers And Refrigerators… Oh My!

Overall, GE — mostly their Profile line — and Maytag — also sold as Whirlpool — have kitchen appliances, washers and dryers that seem far superior to me than all of the other brands I looked at.