Some Notes About The GE Stoves, Cooktops & Microwaves That We Like Best

by Lynnette

appliances, kitchens

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Here are some notes from my reviews of kitchen appliances…


These aren’t the most extensive reviews I’ve ever done.

Because I mostly concentrated on the products that stood out to me as the best from the get-go.

In my mind, we’ll probably be buying one of these microwave/convection ovens, and one of these cooktop/stoves:

Microwave Ovens

ge-profile-advantium-convection-oven.jpgGE Profile Advantium 120

  • Convection/microwave oven
  • above the cooktop
  • 16-13/32″H x 15-3/8″D x 29-7/8″W
  • $699 (Home Depot)

NOTES: Cooks 4 times faster due to quartz hallogen lights. Browns really well. Has wider space inside to accommodate larger items. Has a dial with 100+ foods built-in, so you don’t have to guess how long to leave things in for. I spoke at length with a customer who has this unit & she LOVES it. Her husband taunted her for buying it (along with a Jenn-Air downdraft range) and it is now HIS #1 favorite appliance in the house. They rarely use the Jenn-Air. They use the convection oven mostly, the microwave secondly. Couldn’t live without it. (My 1st choice.)

ge-profile-convection-ove-microwave.jpgGE Profile

  • Convection/microwave oven
  • above the cooktop
  • 16-7/16″H x 15-3/8″D x 29-15/16″W
  • $599 (Home Depot)

NOTES: Has 3 interior shelves for cooking lots of things at once. Nice, but not as nice as the 4-times-quicker unit above.

…I actually stopped looking after finding these 2 units. I’m sold.


ge-profile-advantium-and-matching-stove.jpgGE Profile

  • 30″ slide-in electric
  • 35-1/2″H x 27-1/2″D x 30″W
  • $1,299 (Home Depot)

NOTES: Controls are on the front, easier to reach. The silver plating around the controls looks like it might show small scratches easily — only use soft rags & sponges; never a scratchy sponge to clean. Only comes with all-black flat cooktop if you want the stainless range. Or, you can get the blue & black speckly flat cooktop (like we have now & LOVE), but only with a white range. The black is harder to keep clean since fingerprints & food particles show easily on the black glossy surface than on the blue & black speckly color. (My 1st choice.)

stove-and-regular-microwave.jpgGE Profile

  • 30″ free standing
  • 47″H x 28-7/8″D x 29-7/8″W (height takes into account the tall back which houses the controls)
  • $1,699 (Home Depot)

NOTES: Controls are in the back — they look bulky.