Should You Buy A Direct Buy Membership? Is There A Catch?

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Those are questions I’ve asked myself over and over — practically every time I see the commercial for DirectBuy on TV.

Jim says we should try it. I’m more hesitant.

I know they offer a “free visitor’s pass” to familiarize you with their club. But I figure it’s more of a ploy to try & sell you a membership on the spot — and their membership fee is probably a few hundred dollars or something.

So I’ve been asking around…

Even though there’s a DirectBuy club near me, most people I’ve asked haven’t really considered visiting.

Only one contractor friend of ours knew much about it. He said, “It’s not worth it. I wouldn’t do it.” He knows a handful of people who have joined, and he made it sound like they didn’t get too many “great” deals. He said you can find better deals on your own — if you look.

But I recently heard from a reputable source a whole other take on DirectBuy. This one is a bit more controversial.

I found it quite interesting…


Another Take On DirectBuy

Steve Bass, an Internet and computer pro at PC World magazine recently posted an excellent summary of DirectBuy on his “Tips & Tweaks” blog.

He started out something like this: “I saved $4,300 because I had access to the Internet. How? I didn’t sign up for DirectBuy!”

That got my attention alright. To me, that said a membership at DirectBuy costs $4,300. Wow, I didn’t think it would be that much!

So, I read on.

Steve dug around on the Net — he actually did a lot of the legwork for people like you & me who are simply curious about the club. In the end, he found some pretty revealing articles that anyone considering a membership in DirectBuy might want to read first.

From Steve’s article

Here’s a list of sites that talk about DirectBuy. Give them a look, then come to your own conclusions:

Be sure to click on the links that Steve provided in his article as well!

But, it doesn’t stop there.

Apparently, DirectBuy sent a cease-and-desist letter to at least one site that wrote something bad about them. Then, a non-profit public interest organization stepped in. And things spun out of control from there.

Check out Steve’s links to those stories.


More About Direct Buy:

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Their tagline is “DirectBuy… The #1 way to buy direct for your home.”
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They have 130 private members-only showroom throughout North America.
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Members have access to approximately 700 brand-name manufacturers and authorized suppliers in the U.S. and more than 500 brand-name manufacturers and authorized suppliers in Canada.
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Members have the ability to custom-order furniture and cabinets, as well as arrange for delivery and installation.
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There is no obligation associated with attending the Open House (the event that “free visitor’s pass” gets you into).
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They ask for your decision (to join) on-the-spot at the end of the Open House event.
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They keep the membership dues confidential until you attend an Open House “and take a good, honest look at what DirectBuy has to offer.”

Source: DirectBuy FAQs


People Are Talking About DirectBuy

For the most part, it appears that you ether love ’em or you hate ’em… A number of people seem quite satisfied with their DirectBuy memberships, while a lot of people obviously aren’t.

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