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2008 Log & Timber Frame Expo Preview

Breaking news!... Here is the 2008 schedule for Log & Timber Frame Expos in the U.S. as well as the schedule for the rest of 2007. Locations for 2008 include: Atlanta,GA; Sacramento, CA; Charlotte, NC; Springfield, MA; Fredericksburg, VA; Indianapolis, IN; Portland, OR; and Branson, MO.

Log Home Shows Are Mostly For Beginners

We recently attended the Log & Timber Home Show in Nashville. What follows is a summary of what we had HOPED to see at the show, and what we actually saw at this log home show. See why log home shows are great for the the person who is just starting to explore the concept of buying or building a log home -- and maybe not so great for those who are farther along in the process.

Honest Abe Fall Tour Of Homes: Photo Highlights

I cannot thank Honest Abe enough for putting together this Annual Tour of Log Homes for their prospective log home clients. Here are highlights from our day visiting the open houses of 2 log homes under construction, and 2 log homes that had recently been finished.

Highlights of the Pigeon Forge, TN Log Home Show

When you go to a log home show, some attendees will be in various stages of the building process, while others will be done building and attend the show more for the decorating & maintenance ideas alone. Luckily, there's something for everyone at a log home show!

Log Home Builder Events

Here are some ways to keep the ideas flowing during the planning phase of your log home. In addition to trying to attend every Log Home Show we could possibly get to, we found these interesting things to do in between Log Home Shows...