Honest Abe Fall Tour Of Homes: Photo Highlights

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honest-abe-log-home-tour.jpg On Saturday, October 14, 2006 we participated in the Honest Abe Log Homes Fall Tour of Homes. (It’s one of those builder events that I was talking about.)

This is a great opportunity to look inside some of our log homes and have question & answer time with the homeowners. Along the way, we are sure you will get plenty of good ideas for designing your own log home.

How true…

Jim and I had so much fun on this self-guided tour of log homes. We chose to visit 2 that had recently been completed, and 2 that were currently under construction.

Matt and April in front of their log home, which is currently under construction. While it’s definitely harder to grasp what the finished home will like during the construction phase (especially for me, I’m so visual, and it’s not easy for me to “see” the end result)… being able to talk with the log home owners in the midst of their construction phase was priceless.

And, of course, walking inside each of the “finished” homes, brought to light so many design and decorating ideas for our own log home.

The Log Homes We Visited

You’ll find pictures and such from each of the log homes we visited on this tour here:

The home of Matt & April (currently under construction)

A log home currently under construction (…that wasn’t officially on the tour)

The home of Lonnie & Sherry (finished just weeks ago)

The home of Matt & Melissa (finished a couple years ago)

Summary of Our Tour of Log Homes

I cannot thank Honest Abe enough for putting something like this together for their prospective log home clients.

We spent about 5 hours total driving to see four different homes. (They were all “roughly” in the same area near Murfreesboro, TN.) The homes were officially open for viewing from 10AM to 3PM. Yep, this was like our own private Open House!

And boy, did the time fly! We enjoyed every minute spent chatting with the homeowners and asking them questions — everything from ‘How hard was it to stain the entire inside and outside of the log home yourself?’ to ‘How did you find contractors?’ and ‘What would you change about the way you’ve done things so far?’

We also got to meet with our rep (Tonya) at one of the homes on the tour. She never ceases to amaze us… even on a Saturday, with plenty of other things on her mind — such as the logistics of keeping the day’s tours running smoothly and shuttling people up and back down a steep driveway in her truck to view one of the homes that was in a more “remote” location — Tonya spent time with us one-on-one to point out some things about our blueprints that she thought we might want to look at more closely.