MoistureShield vs TimberTech Composite Decks

Thinking about getting a composite deck? We are, too. If you want to compare TimberTech and MoistureShield decking reviews, start here! See what I’ve learned about the similarities and differences between MoistureShield and TimberTech decks. See which one we are leaning toward right now and why.

All These Delays & Changes May Actually Be A GOOD Thing…

It’s been about 2 years since we started the process of building our log home. We had the land picked out, the bank picked out, the GC picked out, the builder picked out, the logs picked out, the floorplan designed the way we wanted it, and we even started clearing the land. Then why isn’t our log home done yet? Why haven’t we even raised the first log yet?

Why We Decided Against Composite Decking For Our Log Home

After a lot of research and homework, we’ve actually decided AGAINST using composite decking at this time. It wasn’t an easy decision. Far from it. In fact, we were honestly looking forward to trying it. But the cons outweighed the pros at this point in time. Here’s why…

Some Interesting Things About Composite Decks

What follows are some of the most interesting things I’ve learned about composite decks, along with some of the questions I still have about composite decking materials. Specifically, I’m interested in TimberTech vs MoistureShield composite decks.

Underdecking For Your Upstairs Patios, Decks, Porches & Balconies

We will probably be adding some underdecking to at least 1 or 2 of the 4 overhead decks and porches that we have on our log home. I have explored 2 underdecking manufacturers at this point: Undercover Systems and TimberTech’s DrySpace. Here’s what I’ve learned…

How To Cover Scratches On Composite Decks & Patios

If you have a composite deck or patio… over time, scratches are practically inevitable. For the most part, ‘routine’ scratches won’t even be noticeable, but it’s the deeper scratches that you’ll probably want to cover up.

Knowledge Is Power When You’re Building A Log Home

I went to the Nashville Home and Remodeling Show this weekend. While it’s not a log home show, it had all of the key vendors I was most interested in seeing. Here’s what I’ve learned about going to shows like this…