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The Log & Timber Homes Network has compiled a list of the most ideal areas across the country in which to build a vacation log home. See if you're as surprised as we were to see which 'hot spots' are on the list...

We qualify for the loans, but there just aren't enough log homes that have been sold recently around here for the banks to use as 'comps' in order to determine a fair appraisal value for our proposed log home. They're coming in way lower than we can build this log home for. And the banks won't budge.

It's been about 2 years since we started the process of building our log home. We had the land picked out, the bank picked out, the GC picked out, the builder picked out, the logs picked out, the floorplan designed the way we wanted it, and we even started clearing the land. Then why isn't our log home done yet? Why haven't we even raised the first log yet?

The first official sign that construction is about to take place on our new log home site: the posting of the Building Permit! But it was a day of highs and lows, thanks to a series of tornadoes that hit in Williamson County the night before.

We got our Building Permit today. Who knew the cost for a Building Permit in Williamson County TN could be so much?... $9,177! It's mostly due to the county's Privilege Tax. And boy do we feel privileged to live in Franklin, TN!

Of the 5 acres we own, there is only one tiny little spot where the home can actually go. The rest will be hilly trails and a forest of thick trees lining the creeks. So, to ease our mind, and clarify for all involved -- including the bank, the County, and ourselves -- we asked the surveyor to come back out and re-survey it again for us.

If you're building a home on a private piece of property, chances are you'll have to put in a ditch and a culvert. Here's how it went for us... including photos of the culvert, ditch, and driveway.

Joe and his wife were recently in Tennessee visiting potential homesites for their future log home. He has compiled a summary of his findings. If you are interested in buying lake property in Tennessee -- or you're simply exploring the option of buying or building a log home near a lake -- then I'm sure you will find some valuable information here.

Are you looking to buy a lake lot in Tennessee? Whether you plan to build a log home on it, or a conventional stick-frame home, here are some tips from someone who has thoroughly explored lake property in Tennessee. Just some thoughts...