Getting The Lay Of The Land… Surveying The Property

by Lynnette

construction photos, prepping the homesite, Tennessee land

Our property had already been surveyed (several times) by the previous owners.

This is a fairly tricky lot to build on — what with all the creeks and hills and rocks and required septic fields and such.

Turns out… of the 5 acres we own, there is only one tiny little spot where the home can actually go. The rest will be hilly trails and a forest of thick trees lining the creeks.

So, to ease our mind, and clarify for all involved (including the bank, the County, and ourselves), we asked the surveyor to come back out and re-survey it again for us.


We thought we had positioned the house — with the help of our general contractor — fairly close to the boundaries, especially on one side. And we were right.

But now, we know precisely where the house will go and how it falls in line with the allowed “building envelope”.

Plus, me being the “visual” one… I have to actually see boundaries staked out for me. We finally have that.

Watch the professionals work their magic…


brian-surveying.jpg ronny-surveying.jpg


surveyor-ronny.jpg surveyor-brian.jpg


Now, one thing is very clear…

The log home we have spent the last year and a half designing and constructing on paper will look truly amazing on this particular piece of property. Especially now that we’ve moved the house a tad farther back and turned it slightly to make the drive onto the property more appealing.

It’s becoming more and more real, folks. Every little step at this point makes a world of difference.