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Considering buying or building a log cabin home? Log home living isn't for everyone. How many of these top 30 reasons to live in a log home appeal to you?

Dream of living in a log home? There are lots of reasons that old log homes can be a joy to live in, but they can also be the source of frustration & headaches.


Considering a wood heating system for your home? Reasons why wood burning home heating can be a positive change for you as a homeowner, and for the environment.

There are a number of factors which can ultimately increase (or decrease) the costs associated with building your new home. Some things to keep in mind...

The Green Log Awards recognize the best green products which help make people comfortable and safe in their homes and at work without damaging the planet.

Aside from price and style, when you're buying a new toilet, you also need to consider things like water conservation, function, size, shape, cleanliness, and maybe even color. Following is a guide that will help you determine which toilet is the best toilet for your home. Plus, discussion of some of the most modern features in today's toilets.

Here's a great list of environmentally-friendly green log home products and suppliers. So, if you're trying to make your currently log home more green or you'll soon be building your very own green log home, here are some companies that will make your life easier!

We are considering using Superior Walls for concrete walls in the basement of our log home. Superior Walls are a pre-cast -- not pre-fab -- concrete foundation and insulated wall system. These basement walls are the BEST if you're wanting an energy-efficient home.

We are considering using composite decking materials for the decks and porches on our new log home. But we're torn... between looks and durability. Here are our thoughts...