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Green Log Awards Recognize Green Products For Log Homes

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By Joshua

log-home-open-house.jpg And the award goes to… green buildings, green home products, and green builders!

The Green Log Awards go to companies which produce building products that do not harm or negatively impact Mother Nature.

The Green Log Awards are certainly a wonderful incentive for — and great way to recognize — companies which help people live safely and comfortably without destroying the Earth.


It may surprise you to learn just how destructive some aspects of building can be.

Chemicals and overuse of natural resources (lumber, for example) are 2 of the most harmful elements of home construction.

In fact, the construction project itself can cause damage when stormwater and debris escape the construction site and invade virgin territory and endangered or sensitive environments.

Green Log products are definitely the way to go if you want to live comfortably in a log home and do your little bit toward preserving our one-and-only Planet Earth.