Tips For Creating An ‘Idea Notebook’ Filled With Dream House Ideas

My Idea Notebook goes everywhere that I go! It usually stays in the car, but I always have it handy should I need a measurement, a color, or a description for someone who’s helping us make this home a reality — such as a bank lender, blueprint designer, or cabinet installer. Or, if my friends & relatives have a question or make a suggestion on the fly, then I just grab the Idea Notebook and add it to my collection of great ideas.

Log Home Landscape Ideas: Quick Tips Before You Start Landscaping!

Take it from us… prior to building a log home, it would be wise to have your contractor survey your lot ahead of time and remove any trees that could compromise your log home site. Several trees fell a little too close to our log home, and we were inches away from serious log home damage.

Outdoor Dog Furniture For Your Log Dog

Log home owners with dogs may be interested in incorporating some “log” features into your dog’s lifestyle too. For example, outdoor dog houses, porches, barns, and beds for dogs. Check ’em out…

Creative Ideas From Lowe’s: 3 Great (…and FREE!) Magazine Subscriptions

Each bi-monthly issue of Creative Ideas from Lowe’s is jam-packed with lots of fun ideas for your home. Most of them are easy enough that you can even do them yourself. And there are close to 40 full-color pages in each issue of this magazine! They also have 2 other freebie magazines to choose from. Here are the details…

I’ve Finally Found It… Adorable Doggie Yard Art!

I’ve had my eye out for that perfect one-of-a-kind figurine or statue to grace the front porch of our new log home for awhile now. Since I don’t want anything too ‘tacky’, I honestly didn’t think I’d ever be able to find something cute, fun, AND classy. But I think I may have finally found it. Check out these life-size dog welcome statues!

Got Creeks? What Is A Blue Line Stream, Anyway?

I had no idea what a ‘blue line creek’ or ‘blue line stream’ was… until recently. The 5+ acres of land we purchased has 3 creeks running through it and one of them is a blue line creek, and it is controlled by FEMA. Here’s what you need to know.

Log Cabin Bird Feeders

These bird feeders are built to resemble rustic log cabins. They are perfect for anyone who appreciates the fine art of log homes and enjoys living the log home lifestyle — inside and out!