Tips For Creating An ‘Idea Notebook’ Filled With Dream House Ideas

My Idea Notebook goes everywhere that I go! It usually stays in the car, but I always have it handy should I need a measurement, a color, or a description for someone who’s helping us make this home a reality — such as a bank lender, blueprint designer, or cabinet installer. Or, if my friends & relatives have a question or make a suggestion on the fly, then I just grab the Idea Notebook and add it to my collection of great ideas.

Orvis Sells Log Cabins

The Orvis Company has teemed with Rocky Mountain Log Homes to sell 6 different log cabins to outdoor enthusiasts. The Orvis log homes range in size from 1,500 SF to 3,944 SF and range in price from $141,000 to over a million dollars, for a top-of-the-line custom-built log home.

Log Cabins Sold At Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops has partnered with Barna Log Homes to sell log cabins in their Fall catalog! The RedHead line of Barna log cabins were designed with weekend adventurers who are seeking a cost-effective retreat for outdoor activities in mind.

Transforming The Floor Plan You Like Best Into Actual Blueprints For Your New Log Home

You can modify anything at any point in time — from the basic floorplans you find on your own to the final set of blueprints that you and a designer create together. However, after you get so far along in the process, there are likely to be fees or significant costs to modify a set of blueprints. Here are the steps we went through to design our custom log home.


How We Designed Our Custom Log Home

First we found a floorplan that came close to what we wanted. Then we modified that plan to incorporate our own wants & needs. Then we got estimates from log home builders. Next, we met with designers and contractors to finalize our dream home. Here’s how it went for us…

Log Home Floor Plans… Search Now!

Use this Online Search Form to search for log home plans. It’s free & easy!… Just choose the style (e.g. log), size, and amenities that you would like in your new home and see all of the house plans that match your selection. Simply browse through the list until you find the floorplan you like best.