Thinking Of Creating A Whole New Floorplan From Scratch?

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Pen and paper. Question: Should you modify an existing house plan, or create a floorplan from scratch?

That is a common question that prospective log home owners ask when they’re beginning to design their home.

Answer: It is cheaper to modify an existing floorplan than it is to create one from scratch.

So even if you have your heart set on a whole slew of intricate details within your home… if you can find a standard floorplan that has the same general layout (we’re talking foundation here) as the home you have your heart set on building, then you are likely to save big bucks by modifying the existing plan, rather than creating a whole new plan from scratch.

Better yet, if you can find a standard house plan that your builder has used before, and find ways to modify that one, then you’ll fare better in the end and save even more on your bottom line.

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The best part: The design features “make sense” so whoever builds your home will have little difficulty replicating this work of art. Plus, the bugs have been worked out ahead of time, so you’re not likely to be faced with things like drainage issues from the roof pitches, or a series of other codes issues. As a result, you’re practically guaranteed a perfectly-designed home that will withstand the test of time.

The worst part: A standard floorplan has features and functions that are important to some, but not all. Most people are going to want to modify a few things in order to accommodate their own personal tastes, needs, and lifestyle.

Now to the question: “Should you find the land before you customize a house plan? Or, should you find a house plan you’re happy with before to decide on the land?” Here are some thoughts…