Concrete Log Homes: An Unusual Type Of Log Cabin

If you’re comparing the characteristics between concrete log homes and traditional log homes, it’s fair to say that with log homes made of wood, you have to worry about mold, rot, insects, and fire — over time. But with concrete log homes you do not. Nor do you have to apply stain to the home’s exterior every few years. And, since you don’t have to chop down any trees for concrete log homes, concrete log homes are also considered to be environmentally-friendly.

All These Delays & Changes May Actually Be A GOOD Thing…

It’s been about 2 years since we started the process of building our log home. We had the land picked out, the bank picked out, the GC picked out, the builder picked out, the logs picked out, the floorplan designed the way we wanted it, and we even started clearing the land. Then why isn’t our log home done yet? Why haven’t we even raised the first log yet?

Question About Staggered Shake Shingle Siding

A question: ‘We are in the beginning stages of building our log home and seriously thinking of using Staggered Shake Shingle Vinyl Siding on the second story. Our reasoning for doing so was the maintenance of the home. Have you heard or have you seen any log homes which have done the same?’

Painting Full Log Walls Inside…The Effect Painted Logs Might Have on the Resale of Your Log Home

The following pictures show some of the ways that you can still have a nice log home without necessarily having ‘shades of brown’ as your primary color scheme. Typically, you’ll see one wall painted to serve as a focal spot or an accent wall. I have no interest in painting ALL — or even most — of the log walls inside our house. Just 1, maybe 2 of the smaller walls instead. Like these…