Log Home Matchups: Online Polls About Log Homes

by Lynnette

log styles

Log homes are becoming more and more mainstream. (Thank goodness…)

Here are some interesting “match ups” I found on eBay regarding log homes.

For each of the following “matchups” you can cast your vote for your favorite.

That’s all it is…
A way to share an opinion about various log homes.

Have fun!

When you click the picture, you can see the results and comments that people have left… You can also vote or leave a comment if you log in with your eBay username

A log cabin vs a stone house… which do you prefer?

A gingerbread tree vs a gingerbread log cabin… which do you prefer?

A log home vs a brick home… which do you prefer?

Living in a log home vs living in an apartment complex… which would you prefer?

A log home with a wraparound porch vs a log home with a covered patio… which do you prefer?

An old log cabin or a new log home… which do you prefer?

A log cabin in the woods vs a log cabin in the mountains… which would you prefer?