MoistureShield vs TimberTech Composite Decks

Thinking about getting a composite deck? We are, too. If you want to compare TimberTech and MoistureShield decking reviews, start here! See what I’ve learned about the similarities and differences between MoistureShield and TimberTech decks. See which one we are leaning toward right now and why.

The Best Way To Store Leftover Paint

After 6 years our leftover interior house paint is dried up and has to be thrown out. The guy at the paint store seemed to think, if stored properly, it could have been re-used after 6 years in storage. Here’s how he recommends storing leftover paint.

Exterior Doors: Should You Buy Paint Grade Or Stain Grade Doors?

It didn’t make sense to me why our decision to paint vs stain the exterior doors couldn’t be made after-the-fact — after we had installed the doors — and why it would affect the price of the doors anyway. But after a conversation with a contractor about this, I learned that we should always say we want a stain-grade door, rather than a paint-grade door. Here’s why…

Painting Full Log Walls Inside…The Effect Painted Logs Might Have on the Resale of Your Log Home

The following pictures show some of the ways that you can still have a nice log home without necessarily having ‘shades of brown’ as your primary color scheme. Typically, you’ll see one wall painted to serve as a focal spot or an accent wall. I have no interest in painting ALL — or even most — of the log walls inside our house. Just 1, maybe 2 of the smaller walls instead. Like these…

How To Fill Nail Holes In Wood… And Log Walls

Blemishes and nail holes in wood trim and log walls are two things that most log home owners are going to want to ‘hide’ at some point — especially if you’re trying to sell your log cabin or log home.

Which Log Is Best?… Genesis Logs vs D Logs

We thought we were going to use D Logs in our new log home, but now we are considering a switch to Genesis Logs! See why, plus a listing of some of the differences between Genesis Logs and D-Logs here…