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The Best Way To Store Leftover Paint

paint-stored-in-garage.jpg When we moved into our current home 6 years ago, we stored our leftover interior house paint in the garage.

Now it’s dried up and has to be thrown out.

I’m not sure that I actually expected it to last 6 years, but the guy at the Benjamin Moore paint store today didn’t seem too surprised to think it could last that long. For real.

He offered this tip to prolong the life of your paint:

When you’re done painting, place a piece of Saran Wrap over the opened paint can. Then, hammer the paint can lid on top of that. THEN… store the can upside down for longterm storage.

He said that air is the #1 destroyer of paint. So storing it this way greatly decreases the chances of air seeping in and mixing with the paint. Makes sense to me!

This will be my method of storing paint from now on.

So, why were we painting, you ask?…

We are trying one final thing in the hope of obtaining bank financing to build our log home.

That is, we MIGHT sell our current house first, rather than last (after our log home is built).

Today, the realtor is coming by to have his first look at our house and try to help us determine our odds of selling this house prior to March 30th — which is the latest that Honest Abe Log Homes will hold our price on the logs and the date that our loan approval with Farm Credit expires.

It’s certainly not the best of all scenarios in terms of home resale, if you ask me. But we have no choice. I can’t wait to hear what the realtor says.

I swear, nothing’s been easy in terms of banking/financing for a log home. It’s been two years, and now we’re down to the wire with this last-ditch effort to try to please all parties involved… including ourselves.