Honest Abe Log Home Kits: See How Honest Abe Builds Log Homes

We went to an Honest Abe log raising and learned the following random tidbits about how Honest Abe builds log homes.Some of these things we specifically asked about, others were simply gems of info that they revealed to everyone at the event. I figure if I found these things interesting, then someone else might too. So I’m sharing them here.

Current Log Home Trends & Up-To-Date News About Building Log Homes

With so many changes, updates, and new innovations available to those who are building or living in log homes these days, it’s important — and fun! — to know what the current log home trends are. Jim Young keeps you up to date on all the latest news and current building trends in the log home industry.

Tips For Exploring Log Home Companies

Joe — our guest reporter — shares with us a few more practical tips for buying or building a log home. In this installment, he offers some recommendations to help you decide between one log home company and another.

How We Found The Best General Contractor In Tennessee

Here’s why we chose John Roach to be the general contractor to build our new log home in Williamson County Tennessee. Plus, some tips for what to look for in a GC, and some recommendations for general contractors in Middle Tennessee.

Do You Have What It Takes To Build Your Own Log Home?

See why we chose to have a General Contractor oversee the building of our new log home, rather than doing it ourselves. There are pro’s and con’s to doing the work yourself. But in our case, we feel that we are better off overall in the hands of a General Contractor.

FREE Log Cabin To Good Owner

Yep, you could have your very own log home… for FREE. But you have to act fast. This log home in Eldersburg, Maryland has to be moved or dismantled by October 23, 2007. Details here…