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Instructions For Building Your Own Log Home Using Linear Logs Or A Log Home Kit

reader-question-log.jpgDeborah recently asked this:

I’m looking for a basic instruction on how to build with linear ft logs (machine logs) do you have or know of where i might buy a booklet of some kind? thank you — deborah

My reply below…

Ask The Experts

Log cabin kits that include machine-cut logs can be purchased from a number of different log providers.

So to start, I would pick a few log home builders from this list who are in your area.

Then, give them a call. They are definitely your best resource, because they are in the business of telling do-it-yourselfers how to put linear log kits together in the first place. For example, here’s what’s typically included in a log cabin kit (You’ll notice log home kits come with instructions.)

Even if you don’t think you’ll buy the logs from them, you can still get a lot of great info from them. And they’re the experts.

Attend Log Raisings

Plus, chances are, many of them offer log home builder events throughout the year. One of those events is usually a log raising.

For example, we went to a log raising event hosted by Honest Abe Log Homes that gave hands-on instructions for how to build a log home yourself, using their pre-cut logs. It was basically one big question & answer session, with lots of visuals and step-by-step instructions. We took a lot of notes — even though we aren’t building our log home ourselves. We are, however, using pre-cut logs.

And you don’t have to buy your logs from a company in order to participate in their log raising events. A lot of log home builders use these events as an opportunity to sell you on their products, versus similar products from other log home companies. You’re the consumer… you’re in the driver’s seat.

Books That Might Be Helpful:

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